Final Video Essay

Environmental Depictions In Film

Issues about the environment are commonly used in films, and some do a much better job representing the issues than others. This video essay takes a look at several different films and the way they represent the reality of the situation. The video starts out with the most unrealistic representations and moves to the most realistic representations. It is important to represent the problems in a realistic way in order to bring change.


2 thoughts on “Final Video Essay

  1. Mike M,

    Despite your tech issues, you were able to produce a well-edited video about environmental issues in film. As you noted yesterday, a background score (or song) would have been helpful as there were various moments of awkward silence throughout that would have benefited from some extra sound mixing. Furthermore, despite our conversations about it, your video still very much reads like a list-like report of films that deal with environmental issues, with only a tenuous argument or claim threaded throughout (did you aim to make a prescriptive argument — “this is what films need to show”? or merely point out differences in representation. As it is, this felt like a rough draft of what could be a really fascinating examination of these various films.

    Attendance/Participation B+
    Blog Posts B
    HER Scene Study B+
    Final Project
    Presentation B
    Video Essay C+


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